Why Physician Group Planners Should Use Better Tools

Physicians who are in charge of creating schedules for their department face huge challenges. The creation of a quarterly schedule can easily require more than 40 hours to put together. And this doesn’t even take into account the tinkering which will occur after it...

A New Communication Platform for
Healthcare Professionals

Physicians and healthcare professionals; this news is for you! PetalMD has recently established an interactive platform that helps keep you informed about the latest medical research and trends....

Have Physicians Become Technophiles?

Have Physicians Become Technophiles?

With technology invading hospitals, doctors have increasingly needed to adopt and adapt to these new devices in many aspects of their daily work. What’s more, new doctors entering the medical field...

How to Choose a Physician Scheduling Platform

With the many elements to deal with when planning a schedule, it can quickly become overwhelming. Physician schedules, more often than not, are planned and maintained by physicians themselves, thus...

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